Instructions for contributors


The journal "Forschungen zur Volks- und Landeskunde" promotes the publication of contributions, studies and documents in the fields of history, folklore and regional studies of Transylvania. The editorial board reserves the right to reject manuscripts without scientific value and, if necessary, to require revision of the submitted texts in accordance with the professional demands of the journal. The Editorial Board will not accept articles or studies that are not original, have already been published or are in print with other journals or book publishers. Hard copies and data carriers of manuscripts submitted to the editorial office will not be returned to the authors.

Guidelines for preparing the manuscript

The text

Manuscripts are to be submitted to the editorial office both as hard copies and digitally, on a data carrier, as *.doc files. In both variants, the texts must be completely consistent.

The text files are to be edited in Word / Microsoft Office (or in other programmes that save Word-compatible files), in Times New Roman font – with the exception of the (Cyrillic, Greek, etc.) special characters –, font size 11 pt, line spacing 1.5. The annotations are inserted as footnotes in font size 9 pt.

The texts are published entirely in German, with summaries in Romanian and English.

Abstract, key words and author details

Regardless of the language in which the contributions have been written (Romanian or German), an abstract in Romanian and one in English must be attached to the manuscripts, The abstract can be between 150 and 300 words long (half a page) or longer, in the case of contributions of up to 20 pages.

The title of the contribution and 5-10 key words on the topic are also to be translated into English.

The typoscript should also include author details (academic title, office, profession, the institutional affiliation and the official e-mail address). 


Annotation system

As a guide for formatting the bibliographical references, the journal “Forschungen zur Volks- und Landeskunde” uses the CHICAGO MANUAL of STYLE, which is primarily used internationally in the humanities.


The graphic elements (tables, figures, plates, maps, sketches, etc.) must be of the best quality. They should be submitted as photos, xerox copies, laser printouts or hand sketches. Black and white scans in high resolution JPG format (at least 360 dpi) are also accepted.

The size of the graphic materials must not exceed the size of the journal’s type area (190×130 mm).

All graphic materials should be marked on the reverse side or in the margin with identification references as well as order numbers (Fig. 1, Tab. 1, etc.), in accordance with the references in the main text and the list of figures.

Manuscripts containing graphic elements should have a list of illustrations appended to the end of the text, providing notes on the arrangement and sequence of the visual material (preferably at the end of the text), as well as legends or information on the content of the illustrations concerned.


Contributors are responsible for obtaining permission to reproduce any material in which they do not hold copyright and for ensuring that the appropriate acknowledgements are included in their manuscript.