Review procedure for the studies submitted for publication in the journal
“Forschungen zur Volks- und Landeskunde”


In accordance with international standards, the journal “Forschungen zur Volks- und Landeskunde” subjects the studies and contributions submitted for publication to a peer review process.

General information

All categories of texts are reviewed: studies, articles, scientific reports with the exception of book or journal reviews, discussions, scientific notes, tributes or obituaries, which will be evaluated by the editorial board.

For additional information on the review process, interested parties may contact the editorial board.


After reviewing the manuscripts, the reviewers can submit their opinion both online and in  printed  format.

Criteria for publication

Manuscripts  submitted to the editorial office can be published if they meet some general criteria:

- High scientific level;

- Originality and innovative character;

- Relevance to the journal’s scope and thematic range;

- Clear, unambiguous manner of expression to avoid unargued assertions that might trigger polemics.




The review process

The first assessment of manuscripts is undertaken by members of the editorial board, who decide whether the contributions meet the general criteria for publication. Manuscripts deemed unsuitable by the editors will not be sent out for external review.

The manuscripts that comply with the general criteria for publication and which the editors consider to be of interest to the readers will be submitted for review to two acknowledged experts in the field addressed. Based on their recommendation, the editors decide on the publication of the materials.

Reviewers can recommend:

  • the acceptance of the manuscript as submitted;
  • the complete or partial revision of the manuscript with regard to publication;
  • the rejection of the manuscript as submitted;

If the opinions of the two reviewers on the assessed material differ, the editors may consult a third reviewer.

Reviewer selection

The reviewers are selected among acknowledged experts in the respective fields; they are university lecturers, researchers from the Romanian Academy or other research institutions (museums, archives, other research institutes) from home and abroad. The cooperation in terms of reviewing is based on an agreement with the editors.

Confidentiality of the review process (Double-Blind Peer Review)

In order to ensure the greatest possible freedom of opinion, the identity of the reviewers will not be disclosed to the authors of the evaluated manuscripts or to other reviewers. Likewise, the names of the authors remain unknown to the reviewers, except in the event that the reviewers deem it necessary to trace the authorship of ideas or scientific views that are suspected of plagiarism.

Speculation as to the identity of reviewers or authors will not be confirmed or disproved by the editors.

The editors do not make public the reviews or the opinions expressed by the reviewers in the reviews. Comments, recommendations or evaluations concerning the manuscripts can only be made in writing, as part of the reviews.





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